A Transaction Platform for tech savvy realtors who want to beat the competition

With so much new technology around, why does it still take 30 days to complete a property deal? You want change. And so do your clients. With Propy, it's easy to not only list properties for a global market, but to close transactions faster. We're the first company to ever automate transactions via smart contracts which speeds things up. And because documents are signed online by you, clients and title agents in one place this frees up your time to make more sales.

The 100% secure online sales platform you've been waiting for

How it works

With Propy, selling property is faster and easier. You sign paperwork online. Move money in minutes — you can use any currency. Then view a secure digital record of ownership on the blockchain.

Blockchain technology puts an end to your worries about real estate fraud

Propy uses digital smart contracts for greater security (it cuts down your paperwork too). Instead of sending sensitive information in the mail, you sign documents securely online. A record of each signature is then automatically recorded on the blockchain to form a 'smart' legal contract. The beauty of blockchain technology is that, unlike paper files and even emails, you can't alter records. Propy offers a safer, more robust system to protect your clients' assets.

Buyers can pay quickly online and choose their preferred currency, including cryptocurrencies. With the efficiency you gain, you could close two deals before your competitor starts one.

Title deed on the blockchain

Promote properties internationally

Negotiate with all in real time

Sign legal documents online

Accept any currency including crypto

Market properties to a global audience and find more buyers

We're automating real estate so you can close more sales faster

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