Immutable records, secure access and storage

Scalability to implementations that can support thousands of new records per day

User friendliness and operational simplicity

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Upload or scan documents

Record the documents, the parties involved and the information about the property that the documents pertain to

The documents are saved on the registry's database

The record hash is provided to the user

Flexible and adaptive

The Registry produces an immutable blockchain ledger entry with encrypted metadata. The documents are recorded in distributed storage. It is designed as an adaptive, customizable tool, capable of meeting the needs of Recording Authorities globally.

It can record all types of property ownership documents and index them according to particular needs of the client and be used as a web app on either Propy’s or the client’s server, so can be tailored by the Recorder’s Office to make the service their own.

Records can be made available to the public but any sharing must comply with the Office's policy. Institutional implementations and the types of recordable data are determined by the Recorder’s Office.

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