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For hundreds of years, we've used paper records to transfer property ownership. Third parties shuffle paperwork back and forth through the local mail service. Buying overseas becomes difficult and joyless. In the end, a bent and faded piece of paper is your only proof of ownership. So you file it away in a cabinet somewhere or a safety deposit box, hoping it won’t get lost.

But that’s the old way. With Propy, everything happens quickly online, from the signing of documents to digital payment. You’re not restricted on where to buy. And with fewer people involved in the transaction, it goes through in a fraction of the time.

I would like to save on fees

Pay for a property with traditional or digital currency — you choose

Think about all the things you buy online, why not real estate?

Propy turns your real estate purchase into a secure digital asset. And by buying online, you avoid a mountain of paperwork. You can pay with traditional currency, cryptocurrency, or a combination of both. We handle the exchange, so overseas investments are easy. Plus, Propy is compliant for all of the different laws in different countries.

On Propy, every part of your transaction is stored on a permanent digital record. And thanks to new tamper-proof technology, these records can't be altered. So there’s no risk of them being stolen, moved, changed, or lost – not even by mistake. You can view them online at any time and know they’re safe.

There was a time when people thought online shopping wouldn’t catch on...

In five years’ time, the real estate industry will look different to how it does now. It’ll be automated, like every other sector that’s moved online. It’s possible because of blockchain technology — that’s what Propy is built on.

Now you can buy a property in Europe without leaving your home in the States (we’ve done it!)

At Propy, we believe nothing is impossible. That includes buying international real estate quickly and safely online. Meet the team behind the platform to find out who’s making the magic happen.

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