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The more people viewing your property, the more likely you are to sell it — fast. Our platform attracts investors and real estate agents from all around the world. You get worldwide exposure without paying a thing. While other sellers drive out to meetings and take calls, you sign your legal documents online. Where most sellers rely on local ads, your pool of potential buyers is international. With Propy, your buyer doesn't have to be in the same country as you or even use the same currency. It’s effortless.

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Selling property the old way is a weeks-long process. The paperwork. The meetings. It's painstakingly slow — stressful too. Propy speeds things up by bringing all the parties together in one place online. You’ll sign documents electronically. Money transfers happen digitally. And there are no hidden fees. It’s just a simple online transaction to move property ownership quickly from one person to another. At the end of the process, you’ll get a permanent digital record of the sale that you can view immediately on any device.

Propy gives you the freedom to accept payment in any currency. Including cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether. When the sale completes, we convert the money back into any currency you choose. You don’t have to do a thing.

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Making history

Find out how Michael Arrington bought a flat in Ukraine without leaving his home in the USA

Propy is first in the world to enable the sale of a property using cryptocurrency and record it on a digital registry. Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, bought the property with Bitcoin.

Leading government

Let's take property ownership out of the hands of banks and into the hands of individuals

South Burlington in Vermont is the first ever government agency to store public property records on Propy’s decentralized Platform Registry, independent of the powers of central government.

Changing markets

The first online buyer in California says Propy gives him more options for liquidity

When Luke Carriere wanted to buy a remote piece of land in California, dealing with real estate agents and officials was tiring. Here’s what happened when he bought using Propy instead.

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